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Here at M A Jones Repointing Limited we take DUST control very seriously. Please note all our raking out is  controlled with our DUST extraction system and is carried out by skilled restorers.


For a free repointing quotation from the Essex based repointing specialists email us your contact details and we will get back to you within 24hrs to arrange a site visit.

The business covers various areas in brickwork restoration, including all aspects of repointing.

M A Jones Repointing Ltd specialise in historic lime mortar 3.5 N. H. L, brick cleaning.

The products M A Jones Repointing Ltd use are locally sourced for the repointing mortars.




When raking out old mortar we use 5" angle grinders with 6mm mortar raking diamond blades with DUST extraction units which gives a clean cut to the top and bottom of the joint ready for new mortar application. In some cases power tools are not permitted so hand tools are used such as comb hammers and dogging tools. Before applying new mortar to the brickwork it is wet down using a spray applicator to wash away any existing dust and to give maximum hold to the brickwork. (This operation is not necessary if masonry is to be cleaned prior to pointing as masonry will be raked out before cleaning commences).


How deep should the joints be raked out ???

Some builders who do pointing occasionally will only scratch the old mortar back to get a key for the new mortar to stick. THIS IS WRONG if this method does occur over a short time the pointing will blow due to the different weather conditions i.e.: sun, rain & frost and will be a waste of time and money.


When raking out:

We take old mortar out to a depth of 18mm to 20mm as standard unless otherwise instructed.


Applying mortar:

We apply the new mortar manually with hand tools.

We apply vertical joints with a cut down slasher and the horizontal joints with a tray and slasher. This is a skilled operation.

When performing a weather struck profile a Frenchman is used as a cutting device, (the Frenchman is a knife shaped tool which hooks over at the tip).

Also a rule is used to give a straight cut at the bottom of the joint as shown in some pictures in the photo studio.


What does the new mortar consist of ?

The new mortar is 2.1.1 (2 soft sand to 1 sharp sand and 1 hydraulic lime 3.5 as standard on lime mortar built properties),

and 6.1.1 (6 sand to 1 cement 1 hydrated lime as standard on sand and cement built properties) or as otherwise instructed.

Brick Cleaning 


When cleaning brick or stone work it is more common to use a high powered pressure washer, but water alone may not pull the carbon deposits from the brick or stone surface.

If this problem does occur then a traffic film remover will be applied and power washed off. In some cases there may still be a problem due to the heavy carbon deposits, if this does occur then a mild form of brick acid will be applied until the brick or stone work is clean.

This operation may take several coatings.

We will NOT under any circumstance GRIND OR SAND OFF THE FACE OF YOUR BRICKS TO CLEAN THEM this will only result in damage to the fabric of the property, water will absorb more quickly there for can speed up the spalling process.

M A Jones Repointing Ltd are specialists in Repointing, Historic Lime Pointing & Brick cleaning.

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